I’ve been a Buddhist my whole life and when the time was right, I had the opportunity to become a monk in a forest monastery with my master (Luang Por Piroj Aphiboonyo – one of the greatest forest monks), to learn more about the principles of Buddhism.

To use the eight fold path and the four noble truths into my daily life. To free our mind from the suffering and negative emotions and to detach whatever feeling disturbs our peaceful mind.

When I was in the monastery I had the time to study and learn more. I gained knowledge on how to teach and share this material with others.

I share this experience of my peaceful and joyful life with the

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people I meet along my journey. I believe there is an alternative way to find inner peace and happiness in our lives. It’s not only about money or success which can create superficial happiness. My mission is to share the path towards deep, fulfilling happiness.

I’m happy to make other people happy. That’s why people call me Happy Jack.