Thai Day

Experience the simplicity and ease of life by spending a day with Jack. Eat simple Thai food, meditate and give back.

Share a Smile – Share Happiness

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I use my journey in Buddhism to share what I’ve learned and

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be happy in life.

What is Thai Day

In the Thai language, Thai means Freedom. To experience a Thai Day is to free your mind and your body. You’ll learn how Thai people use this concept in their every day life which gives the country the nickname “Land of Smiles”.


I’m an ordinary guy who lived a simple life as a farmer in rural Thailand. When I was born – in 1980 – there were only dirt roads, no running water or electricity. People relied on nature, fishing in the river, growing rice and vegetables in the field. Fortunately I was able to receive an education in college and university.



I’m a people’s person and I really enjoy working and meeting new people. That’s why I started my own volunteer organization, Isan Survivor, in 2006. To share the culture, the Thai experience and the simple and local way of life to the people whom I welcomed in my house.

The volunteers stayed in my own house, where my whole family helped me to take care of our guests. My family enjoyed introducing rich traditions to them.

We taught English at local schools by creating fun activities but the most important part

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was to make the kids feel appreciated and loved. Learning can be fun and together with the volunteers we brought joy and cheerfulness into the schools and into their hearts.

Moving to the Netherlands

I moved with my family to the Netherlands in the Fall of 2018. I continue to practice the teachings of my master.

Moving here to the Netherlands means I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with people here.

Living in a complete new environment taught me so many new lessons about accepting the path I’m on and trusting that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Thai Day was born out of the desire to share joy and happiness with people here. By cooking traditional Thai food, teaching them meditation and talking about life from different perspectives and cultures.

I use my journey in Buddhism to share what I’ve learned and show them how they can implement these teachings into their daily lives. It can be easy and simple to be happy in life.

At the same time I can continue my work with my foundation. A part of the revenue is donated to my foundation in Thailand so the families of the disable children can continue to get the support they need.

So… Let’s have a Thai Day!


With each Thai Day experience you’ll get:


  • Thai dishes cooked at your house
  • Learn about the different ingredients
  • Step by step explanation how to prepare the dishes
  • Recipe book to make the dishes by yourself


  • Introduction in Buddhist mediation
  • Understanding of Thai history and culture
  • Explanation of the 8-fold path and how to adapt that into your life
  • Practice together and learn techniques to do set up a daily practice

Give back

  • With each meal you receive, a family of disabled children will receive a meal
  • Give back to less fortunate families in rural Thailand
  • Support a good cause while you have a wonderful evening
  • Read more about our charity HERE


Firefly Package – small
Two dishes of choice – € 100

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Monkey Package – medium
Three dishes of choice – € 120

Elephant Package – large
Half day, four dishes of choice plus dessert – € 150

*All package are including traveling to your house and tax, calculated for two people. If you want to get pricing for more people, send us a message and will send you a personalized quotation.

Hosting a party?

You’ll impress your guests with Thai food while you can sit back, relax and be part of the party! Thai Day offers the opportunity to cater your party with finger foods or with a Thai buffet.

Contact us to get a quotation based on your wishes and the size of the party.


Are you ready to experience authentic Thailand in the comfort of your own home? Leave your contact information below and we’ll get back at you!

KvK-number: 75408910